Bone Church

by Bone Church

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released August 8, 2018

Rhys Baillie - Vocals
Dale Colson - Guitars, Additional instrumentation, Additional vocals
Jay Marshall - Drums
Jay Power - Bass, Additional vocals

Produced by Bone Church
Recorded at The Black Lodge, July - August 2016
Engineered by Joel Taylor
Mixed and mastered by Dale Colson

Voices on 'Silver Tongue' performed by Tyson Daniel, Sam Donchi, Logan Fewster, Scott Hosking, Violet Joy, David Locke, Jay Marshall, Holly Skyrme, Lee Skyrme

Cover art by Sam Octigan


all rights reserved



Bone Church Melbourne, Australia

Four-piece darkened hardcore.

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Track Name: Ossuary
The ropes are hanging
And the knives are sharp
It's not getting lighter
Before it gets dark
The rain is pouring
And the thunder will roar
This is how it is
In my skull after all
Track Name: Burning Wick
I'm all wired wrong
I don't need a motive
I found solace
But couldn't find peace
Not even a god
To believe in me
Empty sky
I've searched far and wide
Still searching for a reason why
This world swallows me whole
This world has a hold that won't let go
What I loathe reflects the most
Broken mirrors, bleeding hands
This world swallows me whole
I'm still burning at both ends
Track Name: In The Next Room
Painted pictures of you
I pretended to be true
While the devil sleeps
In the next room
Alone again
My heart still pretends
To beat just fine
I'll be just fine
I'm keeping myself alive
For the hell of it
Solace bears its teeth
Brings new life to me
While the devil sleeps
In the next room
I'm in the next room
Track Name: Cowards Throne
Stuck at the bottom
Stuck in the past
Stuck at the bottom
Of a hollow glass
Where are the seconds?
Where are the hours?
Blurred-eyed lust, and alone
The sound that rings loud in your bones
Is unforgiving -- bled through your home
You useless creature
You empty vessel
Didn't you think that I'd grow?
Didn't you think you'd look so old?
I'll show a look that resonates brave
While all I see is coward on your face
Cowards throne
Time heals nothing
It's a lonely grave
Time heals nothing
Don't ever mention my name
Track Name: Runaways
Tired eyes
Hollow goodbyes
Driving towards the sunrise
I long for distance
Find comfort in pain
Hate is my compass
But fear still reigns
Another town, another sign
Guided by eroded white lines
Still running from my mind
In the rear-view, I keep the darkness behind
We're all runaways inside
Only some make it out alive
Track Name: Early Ripe, Early Rotten
Rotten apple, fall so hard
Rolling bruised through the mud
Feel the frost, when winter comes
Deciduous with its love
Rotten apple, fall so hard
Wrapped in wreckage
Affection from rain
Bitter, bad seed
Can harbour pain
Now worms feast
On what hands can no longer bear
What was once sweet
Now wrapped in despair
Early ripe
Early rotten
What's in your eye
Will soon be forgotten
Track Name: Vices (Voices)
Go beyond the valley
Into your darkest place
I'll be there waiting
Writing out my mistakes
Ravens feed on the weak
Roses rest on graves
Tongue-tied by greed
A slowly twisted fate
Just to be told that I shine
But there's no light
On this face of mine
If time heals all
Then I'm out of time
Old wounds still open
When you cross my mind
My mind is a well
So can you hear me now?
My mind is a well
Tunneling each day closer to hell
The feeling within
Has me crippled in skin
Blue eyes turned black
I want the nights back
I want my life back
Just to be told that I shine
But there's no light on this face of mine
Anxiety's hold has me choked
Death is close
Track Name: The Only Way Down From The Gallows Is To Swing
Counted every tear
Counted every bruise
But your love my dear
Is a swinging noose
Cut me loose
My heart is a tomb
Where I buried my love for you
When our worlds collide
Our secrets are no longer caged inside
You said we'd both change in time
But you didn't say it tonight
Closed doors don't let in light
Around my neck the rope gets tight
If I was to stop the beat
Would it stop the ache
How much do we bend
Before we start to break
It's getting so much harder now
Just to concentrate
Say nothing - to feel something
Say something - to feel nothing
Soak the rope in petrol
Set it alight
If the fall doesn't kill me
The fire might
Track Name: Silver Tongue
Silver tongue, you've led me along
Laid me down in the grave that you dug
While you watched my self-destruction
Come undone
Put your hand on my soul
Replaced the gold with coal
Words fall deaf into the unknown
I'm tearing myself apart
Lucid dreamer, help me to do the right things
While I watched, tongue to teeth
Fluently speak
Telling every lie I ever believed
So tell me there's more to me
Tell me it's not just through my eyes that you see
Track Name: Bird In A Jar
In the want, and in the need
Feel the sadness run down your cheek
It's moments like these our future seems bleak
Collapsed lungs make it harder just to breathe
Losing battles, and losing ground
Heavy is the head that wears the crown
But she only dreams of halos now
Of a life not spent on a shelf
But bluebirds are meant to fly far
Not imprisoned by a jar
With the wind beneath their wings
Well I'm the devil nailed to all of our sins
Empty bed, cold sheets
Where our eyes used to meet
Didn't we use to sleep?
Didn't I?
Bird in a jar
(How could you fly far?)
Track Name: Edema
You left me in the deep blue
Sinking, fearing
Seamed by failure
You left me with postscripts
"Knowing all we'll ever be,
We're just salt in the sea."
But water take shape of the body
Water takes shape of the body
Track Name: Bone Sermon
I know what I am, and what I am not
Have a little faith in me, like the gods that I've lost
Corrupted design; don't hiss me your lies
Bodies levitate closer towards the sky
Give me a house of healing, I'm obsessed with the pain
The same old feeling I feel everyday
I leave footprints traced-black, as I make angels in the ash
I keep open old wounds as I walk around, parade in tombs
When all I bring is sadness and pain
Everyone I know and love leaves me in the end
They say we have two deaths, oh so they say
When you leave your body; when no one says your name
I want to know we're not just dying in vain
To give life and just to take it away
A world without me, is one you'd wish you know
A world without us, is why the devil dances slow
For every trophy
For every scar
For every future
For every burnt-out star
For every newborn
For every war
There's always tragedy
Death takes us all

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