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released April 24, 2015

Rhys Baillie - Vocals, Bass.
Dale Colson - Guitar.
Jay Marshall - Drums.

Additional vocals by Christopher Tew (tracks 1, 4, 7).

Engineered and mixed by Joel Taylor @ Three Phase Studios, December 2014.

Mastered by Rob Colson and Dale Colson.

Photography by Rhys Baillie.
Cover design by Joel Baillie.


all rights reserved



Bone Church Melbourne, Australia

Four-piece darkened hardcore.

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Track Name: Ghost Rage // Soul Cage
Ghost rage; a heavy chest.
Blue light; visions of death.
Cold sweat put my soul to rest.
Devil breathing down the back of my neck.

No longer in my mind,
Can I escape or can I hide.
Fear the dark, welcome the light.
Another victim of the night.

No angels.
No halos.
Track Name: Solitary Heart
I can’t outrun wolves, but I can lead them to tombs.
I can’t close my eyes without thinking of you.
I can’t find light in glasshouse homes.
My love, I’ll be buried alone.

I gathered and I gave.
I've loved and I've betrayed.
A heart that beats true,
Doesn’t beat for two.
Counting every breath.
I am burdened rotting flesh.
Signal the vultures.
Call on the rats.

So hollow.
Heart attack.

Now love is the slave.
I drag my heart and its chains.
Now love is the slave.
The weight of past mistakes.

My love, I’ll be buried (alone).
Track Name: Sunset Eyes
Sunset eyes; devil in disguise.
I'm drowning with the colour in the sky.

No light out to sea.
There’s a shipwreck inside of me.
No light out to sea.
There’s a downward spiral inside of me.

Sunset eyes; devil in disguise.
I'm living with fortune, but sinking with the lies.

Dear Misery,
I'm not here tonight.
I haven’t been myself since the dawn of light.
I'm counting the stars in the sky.
While I poured out my heart,
It got black within time.
I've tied up my arms, and filled up my lungs.
My heavy heart will sink these bones.
The name on my grave will be unknown.
Black hearts still sink alone.

Black hearts sink fast.
Track Name: F.O.T.W.
Flame of the woods / The scars that you hide.
Flame of the woods / So empty inside.
Flame of the woods / The good in you starts to die.

Flame of the woods / With so much to gain.
Flame of the woods / Inherited family pain.
Flame of the woods / Love once spoke your name.

Grow out.
Grow bold.
Grow beautiful.
Grow old.

The world still turns.
We live in sin.
The soil rots.
Your roots won't keep you in.

Flame of the woods / You must struggle through.
Flame of the woods / Don't let them guide you.
Flame of the woods / This isn’t the life you were destined to.

Flame of the woods / Take a light.
Flame of the woods / To your name.
Flame of the woods / The past is now in flames.

Grow out.
Grow bold.
Grow beautiful.
Grow old.
Track Name: Rats
Blood soil.
Widowed wives.
Sons and daughters,
Left behind.

Never going to see your face.
Never going to hear you cry.
Never going to hear you sing.
Never going to see you smile.

The rats get fat while brave men die.
Track Name: Full Gloom
The longest winter.
And death keeps calling.
Frozen over - so alone.
A world so cruel - a world so cold.
With the best intentions,
Nothing ever works out.
I’ve stared in the eyes of the beast.
Buried burdens to find peace.
But death keeps calling, keeps calling me.
Now vultures circle my door.
Black out the sun.
I keep the darkness at bay,
And I’m never coming clean.
Buried burdens to be set free,
And I’m never coming clean.

You talk of perfect worlds - I erase myself.
You talk of tragedy and war - I can’t help myself.

Goodnight, Cruel World.
Goodnight, Calm Sea.

Idle hands now dig the graves,
Pave the way for so much pain.
Now the fallen have become slaves.
We are the greatest plague.

We are the greatest plague.

I can’t burn without fire,
Or the hate in my veins.
I just want to see them hang.
I just want to see them pay.
I never wanted to be a martyr.
I never wanted to be a saint.

To find faith.
To find peace.
To find solace.
To find me.

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